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Maryanne (McIntire) Champi


Maryanne (McIntire) Champi, wife of the late John Champi, died December 2, 2021 in her Essex home.

Born September 7, 1956, she lived in Essex for the past 36 years. Maryanne graduated from Suffolk University and continued graduate school at both Endicott College and Emmanuel College with a degree in Management. Her employment allowed her the opportunity to travel. An avid gardener, she loved art, music, poetry and reading. Left behind but one who never left her side is her beloved Shih Tzu Emerson.

She leaves her beloved brother Christopher and a group of dear friends.One of her favorite authors was Maya Angelou, who said “People will remember what you said, people will remember what you did. But most of all people will remember how you made them feel.”

Private funeral arrangements are under the direction of the Whittier-Porter Funeral Home of Ipswich.


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